CITB withdraws from CSCS Scheme

CITB has had a contract for the past 20 years with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) to provide card administration services, looking after customers and processing applications. Each year the CITB process more than 400,000 card applications and one million contact centre enquiries on behalf of CSCS. However, CITB has decided that it not only does not want to deliver training any more, it also does not want to provide CSCS administration.

CITB’s notice period is three-and-a-half years. In the meantime, the CITB will continue to deliver the card application and contact centre service until handover to a new supplier.

CSCS chief executive Graham Wren said: “CITB and CSCS agree that the administration of the scheme must not be interrupted and our priority is to secure a new service provision to deliver a first-class service to our 1.6 million cardholders.”

He added: “The three-and-a-half-year notice period provides an opportunity to identify new and smarter ways of working, such as online applications, that could benefit not just individual card holders, but their employers to. We would like to reassure card holders that the scheme will operate as normal while the process to identify a new service provision takes place.”