PQS Approval Encompasses All SSIP Categories

The PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme is a UKAS Inspection Body, SSIP Registered Member, and Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud approved provider.

PQS is approved to provide approval for all SSIP Categories and/or CDM Dutyholders across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

For organisations in the United Kingdom we can provide all the following categories:
– SSIP Approved *
– SSIP Approved: Contractor
– SSIP Approved: Principal Contractor
– SSIP Approved: Designer
– SSIP Approved: Principal Designer

For organisations in the Republic of Ireland we can provide all the following categories:
– SSIP Approved: IE *
– SSIP Approved: IE Contractor
– SSIP Approved: IE Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS)
– SSIP Approved: IE Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP)
– SSIP Approved: IE Designer

For organisations that are part of a group structure or have multiple sites and branches, PQS can provide approval to each individual group company and location. The group assessment also means that members with branches around the country will be displayed on the SSIP portal as having a broader regional coverage than their previous specific locations for each individual branch.

Furthermore, all organisations with valid PQS SSIP Health & Safety Approval (with verified details available on the SSIP portal) an will hold an exemption from the following:
– PAS91:2013+A1:2017: Table 4 – Module C4: Health & Safety and;
– Common Assessment Standard: Section 4: Health & Safety (questions 135-173)

The PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme offers the simplest, fastest, and lowest priced means of achieving Health & Safety Approval with a SSIP Registered Member Scheme.
– £40 plus VAT (deem to satisfy)
– £95 plus VAT (less than 5 personnel)
– £135 plus VAT (5 or more personnel)

An additional fee of £10 plus VAT applies for every additional location conducted as part of a group/multi site assessment. This ensures that you demonstrate regional or national coverage to your clients with each branch location appearing on the SSIP portal.

* The SSIP Approved category is for organisations that operate outside of the construction industry or are consultants that are not classed as a contractor by way of the:
– Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015,
– Safety, Health and Welfare at work (Construction) Regulations 201,
– Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016.

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