PQS is the Most Competitively Priced SSIP – Save up to £500 on Your Next Renewal!

Safety Schemes in Procurement –  real savings to contractors on the ground

Back in 2009, Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) set out to achieve a health and safety prequalification approach, for transparent, simple, strategic procurement, which was supported by Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

A primary aim for SSIP was to establish a consistent approach to H&S assessments and streamline prequalification. One way it does this is through ‘deem to satisfy’, a straightforward mutual recognition route between member schemes; meaning a company with a valid certificate with one scheme is able to simply verify this with another scheme to achieve secondary certification with them.

SSIP – not all pricing is the same

75,000+ suppliers are registered with an SSIP Member Scheme in the UK today … mutual recognition has enabled savings to suppliers of more than £41m in addition to the time savings by all parties involved. However, not all SSIP pricing is equal.

PQS takes a practical approach to assessment – partly the benefits of SSIP and partly our commitment to providing a genuine value-for-money service to members and to enable direct savings to the construction industry. While all SSIP creates real savings for businesses on the ground, not all SSIP memberships cost the same, and this is where PQS really comes in.

PQS is an SSIP pre-qualification scheme trading for over a decade with high customer scores and trust levels, a UKAS Inspection Body and yet currently the most affordable pricing on the market today, you could find yourself up to £500 better off than before. And guess what, it’s the same membership scheme under the hood as the others and with many added value benefits.

PQS, A Force for Good on SSIP Affordability

While SSIP schemes save money on processes and simplify health and safety procurement for suppliers, they are in fact priced quite differently on the UK market today. At PQS we set up with the aim of being the most affordable simple SSIP member scheme on the market while also retaining great added value and simple processes.

At PQS, with fees starting as low as £95 plus VAT and with fast turnaround times that rival all competitors there are no risks only benefits! Assurance is provided with PQS being a PQS Registered Member and UKAS Inspection Body. With the increasing costs of compliance, it’s possible to gain an SSIP Accreditation and save up to £500 by changing SSIP Accreditation to PQS (Pre-Qualification-Scheme.

Discover price savings you can make compared to competitors on the market today. We have a full list of pricing comparisons and savings you can request so get in touch with us for further information.

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