FREE Consultants Portal

FREE cloud based management tool for consultants.

The PQS Consultants Portal is so easy to use and has improved the way we submit and manage health and safety applications on behalf of our customers seeking SSIP registration.

The PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme™ is an SSIP Registered Member providing independent audit and assessments services to buyers and suppliers across all sectors. 

The Free Cloud Based Consultants portal allows you to manage all suppliers, contractors, and external providers in a secure cloud based portal. The tool is powered by technology developed with support from the Government’s Business Innovation programme.

Gain SSIP Approval

  • All PQS Registered Consultants get discounted access to our SSIP Health & Safety Approval.

Connect with Companies

  • Your credentials will be available for all suppliers within the PQS Portal to connect with you direct and request advice and support.

Manage Your Clients

  • Use the PQS Consultants portal to manage your clients.
  • Set-up new clients
  • Apply for assessments
  • Select payment methods
  • Respond to PQS requests
  • Maintain insurances
  • Unlimited users
  • Assign consultants
  • Track consultant workload
  • Email notifications
  • Dashboard status alerts