FREE Supplier Management Tool

We assess your supply chain, you manage and monitor them using our FREE cloud based tool.

The online portal has transformed our pre-qualification and ongoing administration of suppliers and contractors. We have real-time information, saving us time and effort maintaining various approved lists.

PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme™ is a UKAS Inspection Body, SSIP Accredited & Registered Member, and Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud approved provider.

We provide independent pre-qualification, audit and assessment services to clients and suppliers across all sectors and FREE cloud-based supplier management software for eligible PQS registered clients, for them to monitor and manage their supply chain.

Partnering with clients, we remove the burden and costs to you of conducting stage 1 prequalification and other assessments of your supply chain. We assess your supply chain; you manage and monitor them using our FREE cloud-based tool.

The portal functions/features provide you with flexibility and choice on how you brand, use, and configure your unique cloud-based portal. Designed ‘by clients for clients’ with the intent of addressing the many challenges and demands in businesses. You will be supported throughout the set-up and onboarding to align the tool with your current/proposed internal procedures.

How It Works

Our free cloud-based supplier management tool allows you to manage all suppliers, contractors, and external providers in a secure portal. The tool is powered by technology developed with support from the government’s business innovation programme.


Create Approved Lists

  • Create different approved lists and pre-qualification criteria for different categories of suppliers, contractors, and external providers.

Invite / Track

  • Invite single or bulk suppliers to an approved list and track their status of signup and pre-qualification onto one of your approved lists.

Manage Approved Lists

  • Create different approved lists and pre-qualification criteria for different categories of suppliers, contractors, and external providers. Suppliers will be automatically notified when their credentials expire and their status on your list will automatically change.


  • Set-up project site and allocate suppliers.


  • Monitor performance of suppliers, contractors and other external providers at pre-determined intervals and against your own performance criteria.


Choice & Flexibility – You can tailor the functionality and use all or a few of the modules available.


  • Company specific domain
  • Branded homepage
  • Branded portal and tables


  • Unlimited users
  • Assign roles and permissions


  • Configurable dashboards
  • Configurable tables
  • Dynamic filtering / searching
  • Configurable roles and permissions
  • Export options (PDF/Excel)
  • Configurable email notifications
  • Set tags to categorise suppliers

Added Value Extras

  • All eligible buyers will be allowed to use the PQS Registered Buyer logo
  • Immediate access to logos for use on stationary, promotional literature and vehicles


Business Benefits

  • Connect with PQS Registered Buyer who are searching for Suppliers and Contractors who are PQS Health & Safety Approved
  • Conform with customer requirements by demonstrating your health & safety organisational capability (competence)
  • Improve prospects of winning new work by satisfying health & safety requirements during  PQQs and Tenders
  • Enhanced corporate reputation

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