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We provide a range of services for trade associations to add value to their members.

The PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme has recently partnered with the National Association of Shopfitters (NAS). NAS members will now benefit from FREE SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) approval, managed and assessed by PQS.

The scheme is free for all shopfitting, fit out and interior contracting NAS members to access and is part of the NAS’ mission to promote, support, and develop its members. 

James Filus, NAS Director, said:“I am absolutely delighted to be able to announce this additional benefit to our members. This is truly an initiative that gives all of our shopfitting, fit out and interior contracting members the chance to benefit and further demonstrates our commitment that the value of membership will be greater than the cost.
NAS members without an SSIP-based accreditation will be able to demonstrate the same commitment to health and safety to their clients as they did to the NAS, as part of their application to join the Association. They will also save time and money when tendering for work in the future, making their businesses more efficient – at no additional cost.

For those members who already hold an SSIP-based accreditation, we are aiming for our scheme to be your primary accreditation. All SSIP assessments are based on the same core criteria and therefore are of equal value – that is the very essence of SSIP. However, we recognise that other accreditations provide additional products and services that your businesses rely on. With an SSIP accreditation through the NAS, your additional accreditations will be significantly cheaper through the Deem to Satisfy scheme, as well as being quicker to apply for.”


To register interest in partnering with PQS Pre-Qualification Scheme please email

Click here to view the PQS SSIP Health & Safety Approval

Click here to review other assessments offered by PQS Prequalification Scheme such as environment, quality, modern slavery, data protection, information security.

Companies who have passed a PQS SSIP certificate assessment include:

The PQS platform is straightforward to navigate your way around and the process of gaining accreditation was simple and hassle-free. We found it very similar to other audit/assessment questionnaires that we have completed. There was also a very good communication throughout, as well as an impressive turnaround from submission to receiving the certificate.

Mark Woof
Health & Safety Manager

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