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Sign Up & Purchase Process:

  • Click of the above green links – sign in (if already registered)  or sign up  (if new to PQS).
  • Register your organisation in 3 steps.
  • Purchase the relevant assessment.   Instructions on processing the assessment will be emailed to you.
  • Upload information and submit when ready.
  • You will be notified of a successful assessment or a requst for further information to be submitted.
  • Your details will automatically be stored to simplify renewal of the assessment.

Key Features Of PQS Approach:

  • No strict timescale once purchased to upload the evidence and submit the assessment.  
  • The questions are proportional to the size of your business – if you have less than 5 personnel there will be less documentary evidence to upload.
  • There is no pass or fail. The assessment will be returned with guidance on further information required.
  • No strict timescale for resubmission of an assessment returned for further information.
  • The assessors will contact you by telephone where required to clarity queries arising.
  • Approval is for 12 months from the date passed – for full assessments (see details below if you already have a SSIP certificate and apply via the deem to satisfy route).
  • A 24 hour fast track assessment option exists.
  • PQS is a Registered SSIP Member – this means you can use the PQS SSIP Certificate to gain approval with other schemes via the deem to satisfy process.  

Already SSIP Accredited & Registered – Deem to Satisfy Application:

  • If you are already registered with an SSIP scheme and require approval from PQS, you can apply via the deem to satisfy route.
  • This will validate your existing approval with an SSIP member and you will benefit from not needing to undertake a full assessment.
  • A modest deem to satisfy fee will apply for PQS, Prequalification Scheme, approval via this process.
  • Approval for deem to satisfy assessments shall be aligned with a valid SSIP certificate if that expiry date on the portal is within 14 months of the deem to satisfy date.  If expiry is greater than 14 months, the SSIP bylaws on certificate alignment shall apply.

Simplest, Fasted and Lowest Priced SSIP Scheme:

  • £40 plus VAT (via deem to satisfy route if already SSIP certified)
  • £95 plus VAT (1 to 4 personnel)
  • £135 plus VAT (5 and more personnel)