PQS is a SSIP Registered Member providing health & safety assessments to industry standards

Providing BUYERS with an interactive tool to pre-qualify, confirm COMPETENCE, and monitor the on-going performance of SUPPLIERS

Assessing and accrediting SUPPLIERS against industry standard criteria

Demonstration of individual Skills, Knowledge, Training & Experience

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Assessing and monitoring the performance of suppliers is a key aspect of purchasing and supplier management but one which can easily be under-resourced and neglected.

CIPS CIPS - Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

It is widely recognised that excessive prequalification activity adds unacceptable cost, bureaucracy and confusion to the construction supply chain. Unnecessary bureaucracy associated with prequalification diverts both buyers’ and suppliers’ resources and attention away from proportionate and effective risk management.

PAS 91:2013 PAS 91:2013 - Construction Prequalification Questionnaires