IR35 Reforms – Demonstrate You Run A Legitimate Business with PQS Approval

Individuals providing services through a PSC (Personal Service Company) will shortly be under greater scrutiny as a result of the IR35 Reforms.

Proving that you run a legitimate business will be increasingly beneficial as the responsibility for determining a contractor’s IR35 status will transfer to the end-client.  Many independent workers fear that their clients, irrespective of the fact these are fairly substantial companies, do not have astorng enough grasp of the IR35 legislation to make well-informed decisions regarding tax status and will instead prioritise “inside IR35” determinations to protect the liability they will often carry.

Whilst not a definitive factor, demonstrating you operate as a legitimate business will demonstrate to clients and, if required, HMRC, that your company is not a vehicle to disguide employment.

Practical steps you can take include:

  • taking out business insurance
  • having your own office address
  • company website
  • company stationary
  • company certification

PQS  offers the simplest, fastest, and lowest priced means of achieving Health & Safety Approval with an SSIP Registered Member Scheme.  For individuals, personal service companies, and small businesses with less than 5 personnel, the assessment fee is £95 plus VAT.

The assessment adopts a proportionate approach and you will benefit from a simpler assessment than larger businesses. You will have the benefit of accessing the free resources and templates available to assist your demonstration of a legitimate business with independent approval.

Other specialist modules will also shortly be available for PQS Approval, including Quality, Environment, and Equality.

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