PQS Launches PAS91 Pre-Qualification Approval

PAS91 Pre-Qualification Assessments are now available from the PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme.

PAS91 is the publicly available specification for pre-qualification in construction related procurement. Comissioned by the Government, PAS91 streamlines the approval of the supply chain through standarised assessment criteria.

PQS offers a selection of bundled prequalification packages based on the requirements of PAS91 pre-qualification specification. You will be awarded bronze, silver, gold or platinum approval that will demonstrate your commitment and credentials when bidding for work with new clients.

Exemptions will apply where valid health & safety, environmental, or quality certifications apply. All health & safety modules will be assessed to the SSIP Core Criteria and you will appear on the portal upon successful completion.

Core modules are also available for individual assessment and approval. For example, to support your ISO9001 quality certification, you can enhance your credentials by simply applying for PAS91 Environmental Approval through the PQS Pre-Qualification-Scheme.

Download further information.

You can sign up here for the PQS PAS91 Approval.